Announcements October 4, 2020

Morning Bible Class

Tuesdays 9:00 am

Beginning September 15 in the Sanctuary

Please wear your mask

Thanks to the members of St. John and Hope, $650 was collected on Braille Sunday.  We also received two Thrivent Action Team Projects of $250 each.

Thank you for helping people touch the promises of Jesus.

LWML Virtual Zone Rally

9:30 am to 11:00 am

Saturday October 10

Bible Study with Pastor Pay

Missionary Jennifer Chase

Make witness bracelets for MOST Ministries

Intercessory Prayers:

Dorothy H., Marlene S.,  For all who are burdened or depressed. For healing, wisdom, and courage in this pandemic. For all who do not know the love of Jesus, true God and Savior.

For those with ongoing health concerns:

For Ray and Marlene, Dianne, Linda and Dennis K, Sr. Pastor Shimkus, Emma P.

For our Shut-Ins:

Eleanor and Cheryl W., Jennie D., Pierrette M., Carol J.

For those who mourn:

The family and friends of Sandy B. (Friend of Kathy G.), family and friends of Joel D (Vivian G.’s nephew’s son), family and friends of Austin (friend of Kenadie G.). We pray the hope of the resurrection would give them comfort.

Prayers of Thanksgiving:

For healing for Susan M., for successful surgery for Dave (Vivian G.’s brother) For the incarnation and resurrection of our Lord! For daily bread and family.

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