Announcements September 6, 2020

2nd Annual Friends of Hope Golf Tournament with 2 Person Teams

1 PM, Saturday, September 19 — Sage Lakes GC

Register with Gary Thinnes by Monday, September 14

Youth Ministry and Parish Ed.

invite families on a picnic and hike Sunday,

Sept. 13, 2020 after the 10:30 worship service.

Bring a picnic lunch and plenty to drink.

If you have a favorite place for about an hour’s hike, let Betty O. know.

Men’s Quarterly Event: Accuracy

Can you hit the target with a golf club, bean bag, or ball? Come prove it! Or just give it a shot for fun.

Join us for some friendly competition, lunch, and a devotion on the Greek word for Sin, Hamartia, which means to “miss the mark.” And for where to find hope and forgiveness when you do miss the mark as a father, spouse, or man.

September 26th, 1pm, in the Hope Lutheran Field

Morning Bible Class

Tuesdays 9:00 am

Beginning September 15 in the Sanctuary

Please wear your mask

Intercessory Prayers:

 Madeline L., Dorothy H., Linda K., Kathy K., Susan M.  For all who are burdened or depressed. For healing, wisdom, and courage in this pandemic. For all who do not know the love of Jesus, true God and Savior.

For those with ongoing health concerns:

For Ray and Marlene, Dianne, Linda and Dennis K, Sr. Pastor Shimkus, Emma P.

For our Shut-Ins:

Eleanor and Cheryl W., Jenny D., Pierrette M., Carol J.

For those who mourn:

The family and friends of Mitch M’s brother-in-law. We pray the hope of the resurrection would give them comfort.

Prayers of Thanksgiving:

For Darla (Beth M’s mother) For the incarnation and resurrection of our Lord! For daily bread and family.

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