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Hope Lutheran School

Our goal is to offer children of all ages a rich-learning environment at our private-Christian school.

Full-Day Kindergarten

Every success in life starts with a solid foundation, and a successful education is no exception. To some, the kindergarten classroom at Hope Lutheran School may look like a fun zone, where kids engage in hands-on activities and play with their peers. But there’s so much more than fun taking place. Inside our walls, every child is being prepared for their academic future and beyond.

Small Classroom Sizes

Benefits to small class sizes can include better student participation and engagement, improved mastery of basic skills, increased student achievement, effective teaching methods, improved classroom environment, more inclusive environment, better student and teacher morale, and a psychological sense of community.

High Academic Standards

Hope Lutheran School is accredited with the National Lutheran School Accreditation. National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) encourages and recognizes Lutheran schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement.

Come Take a Tour

We'd love for you to see our school in action, learn about our educational philosophy, and meet our staff and teachers.
Melanie Deede
Melanie Deede
A veteran to the industry, Melanie Deede has been teaching for 19 years. When she was in the
Stephanie Strawn
Stephanie Strawn
Watching her beloved Grandma and Mother dedicate their lives to teaching, Stephanie Strawn knew she wanted to follow

Education enhanced

through experience

We see value in giving kids experiences above and beyond what you would expect. Whether it’s tracking through Yellowstone Park for Expedition Yellowstone or visiting Camp Perkins near beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho, your child will create memories that will last for a lifetime.