7 Reasons Full-Day Kindergarten Could Work For Your Child

Starting full-day school is a big deal for any child because it marks a new level of independence. It’s a personal decision on what will work best for your child, but we’re proud to offer full-day kindergarten for these seven reasons.

1. Higher long-term achievement.

According to the NASP Center, children involved in a full-day kindergarten program have a higher long-term achievement rate. Starting a foundation of learning at a young age has encouraged children to keep achieving as they advance through the grades.

2. Higher reading scores in early grades.

Giving that full-day kindergarten students spend more time in the classroom, it makes sense they would spend more time reading. Students at Hope Lutheran are encouraged to read books they find interesting, which helps them fall in love with reading at an early age.

3. More time spent in individualized instruction.

Since our class sizes are small, full-day kindergarteners get individualized attention and instruction through out the day. This allows our teacher to understand the needs of each child better and adapt her plan to suit them, instead of wrangling 30 kids into a single activity. Full-day kindergarten also enables teachers to identify and address potential learning disabilities in their students. Potentially, finding out whether a student has a learning disability early on could prevent them from having to enroll in a special education program in later grades.

4. More time spent in free play, less time in large groups.

Our kindergarten curriculum includes things as snack time, recess, and individual and group activities in addition to those activities we think of as traditionally educational. This encourages the growth of children’s self-esteem, their cultural identities, their independence and their individual strengths. Kindergarten children continue to develop control of their own behavior through the guidance and support of warm, caring teachers. At this stage, children are already eager to learn and possess an innate curiosity, which free time helps facilitate.

5. Greater progress in social skills.

Because a longer school day allows for more reinforcement of positive social behaviors, children in our program are socially more than ready for first grade at the end of the year.

6. Higher self esteem and independence.

A full-day kindergarten class gives the teacher time to work with each student so they feel confident in their routine and surroundings, which can allow students to feel better about themselves and their abilities.

7. A more relaxed, less hurried school day with more varied experiences.

Full-day kindergarten allows our teacher more time to promote formal and informal learning, reduces the number of transitions in a child’s day, and allows children to get used to a schedule similar to that which they will have in first grade. This is a good thing, especially for working parents who depend on daycares transporting their children back and forth. It’s not uncommon for our kindergartener’s to conduct a science experiment in the morning, move on to finger painting and then recess.

If any of this could make sense for your family, we’d love to have your child in our full-day kindergarten program. Every child, no matter faith, ethnicity, family situation or any other factor, is welcome at our school.


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