First, Second & Third Grade Curriculum


  • Students understand that Jesus Christ died to take away our sins
  • Children learn Biblical principles through daily Bible stories and relate these Christian concepts to their own lives
  • Everything we have is a gift from God
  • Expressing thankfulness
  • Give praise and adoration to Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Weekly memory verse


  • Letter formation, placement, and word spacing
  • Correct posture
  • Self-evaluation to build independent, neat writers
  • Journal writing


  • Basic addition and subtraction using manipulatives
  • Basic math facts to 18
  • Beginning geometry
  • Investigate place value and number patterns to 100
  • Money and time concepts with the calendar and clock
  • Measurement using inches and centimeters
  • Fractions and graphs


  • Sound to letter relationships
  • Blending sounds into words
  • Oral reading of good quality literature
  • Accelerated Reader program
  • Read independently


  • Sound/spelling associations
  • Weekly spelling words and use of spelling workbook English
  • Begin to label parts of speech


  • Weather
  • Objects around us
  • Investigating water
  • Plants and animals
  • Magnets
  • Earth and rocks
  • Social Studies
  • Changes in people and places over time
  • Basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter
  • Similarities and differences of people
  • Use of globes and maps


  • Experimentation with colors
  • Express individuality through the use of different mediums
  • Learn about famous artists


  • Identify loud and soft sounds
  • Describe and create fast and slow sounds
  • Imitate and practice steady beat
  • Hear and sing music
  • Participate in the spring Operetta

Physical Education

  • Refine basic locomotor skills and movement
  • Tumbling
  • Running, tag, and circle games
  • Simple ball games
  • Simple relays
  • Working together and team work

Computer Lab

  • Introduction to computers
  • Mouse usage
  • Introduction to keyboarding

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