At Hope Lutheran School in Idaho Falls, we are happy to be able to provide families with a full-day kindergarten program.  Besides offering a rich and rewarding core curriculum our students also have weekly classes in library, music, art, physical education, religion, and technology.

Kindergarten Curriculum


  • Bible stories are introduced to gain knowledge of God’s love for us
  • Daily prayer
  • Learning about sin and why Jesus died for us all
  • Worshiping together during Chapel
  • Weekly Bible memory verses

Math (Hands on approach covering the following areas)

  • Sorting and classifying
  • Patterns
  • Matching and counting
  • Numbers 0 – 20
  • Shapes
  • Fractions
  • Money
  • Measuring
  • Time
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

Language Arts

  • Phonetic approach used
  • Letter recognition
  • Letter sounds
  • Blending sounds to make words
  • Writing in journals
  • Handwriting
  • Use capital and lower case manuscript letters correctly
  • Proper posture, pencil grip, and paper positioning to enhance writing skills
  • Spacing between letters introduced

Social Studies

  • Learn about special holidays (Johnny Appleseed Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, and Easter)
  • Community helpers
  • Customs around the world
  • Creativity
  • Exploring texture


  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Land, air, and water
  • Weather
  • Objects around us
  • Investigating water


  • Introduction to musical elements whereby students will learn to identify loud and soft
  • Recognize and use steady beat
  • Recognize and use long and short
  • Recognize high and low pitches
  • Identify fast or slow
  • Recognize speaking and singing voices
  • Practice correct posture for singing

Physical Education

  • Develop basic locomoter skills and movement in the areas of walking, running, hopping, skipping, jumping, leaping, galloping, and sliding
  • Begin to develop ball handling skills of throwing, catching, bouncing, and kicking
  • Introduce apparatus, stunts, and tumbling using floor mats and balance beams
  • Introduce simple game activities that include running, tag, circle games, and simple ball games


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