Pre k-01

Hope Lutheran is a rich and loving environment serving the educational needs of children ages 3-5. For Early Childhood, we also offer a flexible number of classes to accommodate different schedules. For Pre-Kindergarten we have three-day, five-day, and all-day options.

Pre-Kindergarten is just what the name implies. The students are given lessons on the letters of the alphabet, the sounds, and numbers to 20. The teacher incorporates lots of movement, music, free play, art, science, social studies, and friendship building skills into the lessons as well. The weeks are theme based. The structure each day changes from: whole group, small group, partners, centers, and free play. Advanced students are taught letter blending to make words and some are reading by the end of the year. Children are taught according to their individual levels. Religion is a vital component- taught through Bible stories, so the children learn the love of Jesus – our Savior.

Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Outline


  • Understand that Jesus is their best friend
  • Understand the ways that Jesus cares for them as His friend
  • Enjoy hearing God’s Word and learning Bible stories
  • Learn about forgiveness to make Jesus come alive in their hearts and lives


  • Use a variety of manipulatives to classify, group, sort and order
  • Count and recognize numbers
  • Understand qualities of objects (shapes, big/little, short/long, etc)
  • Practice sequencing and patterning

Language Arts

  • Explore the connection between letters and sounds
  • Name each letter of the alphabet
  • Associate the spoken sound with the letter that represents it
  • Listen to a wide variety of children’s literature


  • Learn about their own bodies through their senses
  • Learn about the importance of trees as homes for God’s creatures
  • Explore the habitat of penguins
  • Work with objects to describe, classify and identify in order to inquire and respond to natural things around them

Social Studies

  • Realize that God made them
  • Consider how they relate to God’s world
  • Understand that they are special and unique and grow and change differently
  • Know and demonstrate that rules are important
  • Take responsibility for his/her own actions


  • Enjoy and participate in age appropriate drawing, coloring and painting
  • Experiment with colors, shapes, textures and objects as they use their imagination to develop their own creativity


  • Explore rhythm in various ways
  • Play games and march to discover rhythm found in many areas of life
  • Learn simple melodies and short simple songs
  • Listen and play different instruments

Physical Education

  • Participate in group activities related to body movements such as walking, running, skipping, jumping and marching
  • Play games such as “Follow the Leader” and throwing and catching to allow students to interact with others
  • Be physically active (indoors and outdoors)
  • Participate in climbing and tricycle use to refine large motor skills

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