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My sisters and I attended Hope Lutheran School for grades 1 through 6, and I cannot speak highly enough of the teachers and the first class education that I received. Hope gave me many advantages over other children that became very apparent when I transitioned to public school. When I started public school at the beginning of 7th grade, I was put into all the advanced classes and I still did not feel challenged. All throughout high school I was enrolled in the Honors and Advanced Placement courses and even graduated with high honors. I credit my success to the solid foundation that I received from Hope.

While attending Hope I learned many things from English and Science to Spanish and Religion, but the most important thing I learned was critical thinking. Hope got me excited to learn and helped me analyze problems and new ideas in a way that I could understand.
I credit my positive experience to the loving atmosphere fostered by strong Christian values and to the teachers who truly cared about my education. I remember every teacher I had at Hope and they were all very caring people who helped make me a better student. My second grade teacher, Marcella Getsinger, greeted me every day with a smile and a hug. Even after I had left Hope and I would see Mrs. Getsinger she would still greet me with that same warm smile and give me a big hug.

Another teacher who made a big impact on me was Mr. Oloff. His classes were exciting and he was a never ending spring of information. During sixth grade, Mr. Oloff took our class on Expedition Yellowstone where we studied plant and animal life as well as hotpots and geysers during a weekend spent in Yellowstone National Park. It was one of the most exciting and fun learning experiences I had as a child. I had similar experiences with the rest of my teachers at Hope and I have very fond memories of all of them.

Overall, Hope was a safe place for me. I felt like my teacher’s cared, and the small class sizes ensured that I got individual attention. The teachers were hard working and loving. The Christian values taught in my religion classes strengthened my faith and taught me to care for others. Hope gave me a strong foundation that helped me through school and even into my adult life in my relationships and my career.