Announcements April 25, 2021

We need YOUR SKILLS to help our ministry!

Board and Committee Openings for this year:

Elder, Treasurer, Board of Ed. and Day School Chair, Fellowship, Vice President

Garage Sale May 8, 2021

Clean out your house for Mother’s Day. Bring items to Hope’s Gym May 2-7.

Please consider coming for an hour that week to sort and price items or on Saturday to sell. Contact Hannah Reber ( ) to sign up to help.

Intercessory Prayers:

 Kyle, Victor & Lacy S., Tom, Robert, Thomas P., Charlotte S. For all who are burdened or depressed. For healing, wisdom, and courage in this pandemic. For all who do not know the love of Jesus, true God and Savior.

For those with ongoing health concerns:

For Ray and Marlene, Dianne, Linda and Dennis K, Sr. Pastor Shimkus, Emma P.

For our Shut-Ins:

Eleanor and Cheryl W., Jennie D., Pierrette M., Carol J., Harold H.

For those who mourn:

Family and friends of Keri S., the family and friends of Chuck R. We pray the hope of the resurrection would give them comfort.

Prayers of Thanksgiving: For the incarnation and resurrection of our Lord! For daily bread and family.