History of Hope Lutheran


The Board of Missions of the Northwest District determined, during the year of 1956, that a second Missouri Synod Lutheran congregation was needed in Idaho Falls to serve the needs of the people and to spread the Word of God. Worship services began in 1957 with the first sermon based on 1 Corinthians 2:2, “For I am determined to know nothing among you, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”  Attendance was 24 – 11 adults and 13 children.

Initially, services were held in a room at the YMCA, but in the spring of 1958, construction of the new church began on E. 17th St.  Services were held in the basement of the new building as soon as a roof was in place. The day school began in the basement in September 1958 with one teacher serving grades 1, 2, and 3. The building was completed and was dedicated to God’s glory on October 5, 1958.  Hope had 86 members at this time.

Due to Hope Lutheran’s growth over the years, ground breaking services for a larger church and school were held at 2071 12th St. (current location) on April 13, 1980.  Services began at the new location in December 1980, and the dedication made on June 21, 1981.

Always dedicated to Christian education over the years, Hope Lutheran has supported a Christian day school from the 1959 class of 26 students (1st – 3rd graders) to today’s students in grades K-6, pre-school and pre-K.  Hope has had more than 1,300 people join its membership and has touched countless more lives in the community and abroad through its ministry of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.


Hope Lutheran School has always been dedicated to Christian education ever since its beginning in 1959 with Miss Jeanine Lange’s first class of 26 children.  Our school offers a long tradition of excellence in education in a Christ-centered environment.

Hope Lutheran School provides a rich and challenging learning environment for children from Pre-school through the 6th grade.  We believe in a whole-student approach; we offer an education that encourages a child’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth and well-being.  We offer small-class sizes and have a multi-age approach.  Our academic programs align to all of the state and Common core requirements.  Our certificated teachers and experienced staff create a caring community that is safe place for students to learn and grown.

We value a rounded education; all of our students have weekly classes in physical education, art, music, technology and drama during our annual Spring Operetta.  We are committed to creating a nurturing, welcoming, safe, and Christ-centered environment for each child that fosters high self-esteem and inquisitive learning, allowing each child to flourish spiritually and academically.