Pre-School Program

The Pre-School curriculum at Hope Lutheran is a mix of organized learning activities, constructive play, crafts, and physical activity.  Your child is sure to grow in our enriching environment. This class is taught by Mrs. Shannon Harmston, and is open to fully potty-trained students who will be 3-years-old by September 1.

Shannon is currently working on her bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Child Development. She has been working with and teaching children of all ages for almost a decade. What makes Shannon’s class special is her view on Intentional Teaching, combined with her love of bringing “real-life” experiences to her classroom. While students are learning about different subjects, she invites working professionals from the community to demonstrate their skills and share their knowledge. For example, a fireman might visit while the children are learning about fire safety, a baker when learning about cooking, or a police officer when learning about obeying the law. Shannon is also trained and certified in Culinary Arts. She shares her variety of skills with the children in different cooking activities in the classroom, from learning how to pick and wash vegetables to baking muffins.

In her spare time, she loves to read fiction and play games. She also loves to be outside as much as she can when the weather is nice in the summer. One of her favorite activities is to float down the local rivers.