Teal Team Curriculum


  • Books of the Bible
  • Memory verses ranging from creation to salvation
  • Important people who put their faith in God in the most dire of times
  • Miracles of God


  • Exclusively use cursive when writing

Reading (3rd)

  • Demonstrate continued improvement in speed, fluency, and expression when reading orally
  • Display reading comprehension on grade-level text
  • Understand common idioms, characters, plot, and setting of a story; recognize rhyming structure

Writing (3rd)

  • Create and compose from an outline
  • Be exposed to figures of speech (alliteration, simile, etc.)
  • Paraphrase and narrate a piece of writing, summarize a text
  • Create multi-paragraph compositions as a class under teacher direction

Spelling (3rd)

  • Demonstrate mastery of phonograms introduced through encoding of weekly word lists
  • Correctly use prefixes and suffixes

Language Arts/Grammar (3rd)

  • Memorize basic grammar rules
  • Understand synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms
  • Recognize four types of sentences

Latin (3rd)

  • Memorize the present system of the “to be” verb
  • Master 130 vocabulary words with several English derivatives

Math (3rd)

  • Master liquid measures and equivalents
  • Review linear measurements and equivalents
  • Accurately tell time in five-minute increments on an analog clock
  • Review counting a mixed group of coins
  • Accurately add and subtract money amounts using the ¢ or $ symbols with a decimal
  • Number sense and basic computations

Science (3rd)

  • Participate well in group discussions
  • Master facts about various mammals

American Studies (3rd)

  • Locate all 50 state
  • Gain introductory knowledge of world geography
  • Gain exposure to Vikings and Native Americans in early America
  • Gain exposure to various time periods and events
  • Be familiar with historic Americans

Reading (4th)

  • Define vocabulary using context clues
  • Have level appropriate comprehension of material read
  • Compare/Contrast
  • Orally read with level appropriate speed, fluency, and expression
  • Memorize and recite selected poems
  • Understand allegory, idioms, characterization
  • Analyze details, accurately identify characters, setting and plot of story
  • Recognize literary devices such as: puns, foreshadowing, conflicts

Composition (4th)

  • Master how narrative elements work together to communicate thoughts
  • Further develop ability to format a paragraph
  • Orally present an essay
  • Properly use grammar skills learned

Language Arts (4th)

  • Demonstrate mastery of level appropriate word lists
  • Correctly use prefixes/ suffixes/ possessives/ contractions
  • Understand verbs (tenses, phrases, physical, mental and “to be”)
  • Correctly encode dictated sentences

Latin (4th)

  • Memorize 1st conjugation imperfect/future tenses
  • Learn 75 vocabulary words with several English derivatives

Math (4th)

  • Display increased speed in answering written facts (100 in four minutes)
  • Demonstrate ability to solve increasingly difficult word problems
  • Master multiplication and division of facts through 12
  • Master multiplication of two-digit numbers
  • Master adding and subtracting fractions
  • Display fluency in long division
  • Reduce fractions
  • Master equivalent measures
  • Find the perimeter
  • Solve problems including distance, rate, and time

Astronomy (4th)

  • Learn about the stars and constellation during the Fall/Winter and Spring Skies
  • Learn about the solar system